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Mai bis Mai auf www. Am Donnerstag, den Mai Himmelfahrt bringen wir innerhalb der rockradio. Und am Donnerstag, den Vielleicht auch mit Live-Recordings der Tombstone-Tour! Mendoza, Lisa, Duane Hollis. Und zwar in 3 verschiedenen Konstellationen:. Also wer zuerst kommt, malt zuerst! Unter Musikreviews. Ein bleischwerer Stampfer, tanzbodengeeignet.

Gut, nicht in der Hipster-Disco. Wertstabil und von bestrickender Frische.

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Leden van deze formatie werden collega-songschrijfster, zangeres en zijn latere echtgenote Lisa Novak, gitarist Jon Sanchez en drummer-percussionist George Duron. Rich Hopkins en zijn vrouwtje Lisa Novak zijn fervente fans van gitaren en die instrumenten zijn dan ook overvloedig aanwezig in zowat elk nummer op de plaat. Kenners zullen hun muziek wel willen vergelijken met o.

Hat man erreicht, wonach man strebte? Etwa diese Richtung Das gitarrenpunkige 'Free Man' sollte zuerst sogar Albumtitel werden, ist einer von zwei Lisa Novak zuzuordnenden Nummern. Ganz einfach: auflegen, abschalten. Und den hat ein Rich Hopkins offenkundig immer noch, zumal wenn seine Gitarre mit der von Jon Sanchez so vollkommen zu einer Einheit verschmilzt: Luminarios Power in Reinkultur! From the stylistically assured cover and the lyrical themes to the last note of electric guitar reverb, Tombstone keeps its promise.

Hopkins's music is immediately identifiable.

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The desert rocker may at times be more acoustic-oriented, experiment with border music, psychedelic ingredients or jingle-jangle but on this album he focuses on the no-frills electric guitar rock of his earlier work. The songs show clear contours, their arrangements are simple but their power and vibe are tangible.

Tombstone has what it takes to become a classic Luminarios album.

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For more than a quarter century Rich Hopkins has been representing "desert rock made in Arizona" like no one else. Even though he has been active in a number of side projects - with the Sidewinders, Sand Rubies and Underbelly - the Luminarios are a constant in his musical career, even though he is the only irreplaceable member. Since the Luminarios have been a trio, a quartet, a quintet or simply a loose bunch of musician friends working on a common project.

As his songwriting matured he released concept albums and tried his hand at different stylistic approaches. His interest in the common man and life's circumstances have never wavered, though, and led to social involvement and critical, dedicated lyrics. The last album Buried Treasures from with its cosmic power, extensive guitar jams and a garage-y high volume sound directly leads to Tombstone.

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The edition of the Luminarios is a quartet consisting of Rich Hopkins guitars, vocals , his longtime partner and wife Lisa Novak guitar, backing vocals, percussion , Jon Sanchez guitar, sitar, keyboards, synthesizer, haermonica and George Duron drums. Larry Cooper, Damon Barnaby and Alan Anderson provide extra guitars and drums - they all belong to Hopkins's circle of friends.

The songs, mostly co-written by Hopkins and Lisa Novak, tackle life's major questions, values, virtues and morals - as exemplified by certain characters and situations: What is right or wrong? Did you achieve what you wanted? But don't worry, the lyrics are not overwrought and Hopkins himself is feeling well.

Dunklen Geschichten (feat. XATAR)

It is followed by "Everything", almost a pop song built around Jon Sanchez's killer riff. The title track is the first stand-out: "Tombstone" is the not-quite-objective rumination on a historic drama surrounded by three guitars and a 60ies garage band sound. The song's powerful rhythm section and the wall of guitars are reminiscent of Bob Mould's mightiest work. The guitar punk of "Free Man" - one of two numbers penned by Lisa Novak - was in the running to provide the album title.

It describes a way to deal with bad news and bad vibes: Hang up, tune out. An entirely different caliber is "Top Of The World", a 7-plus minute guitar orgy, drenched in feedback and dedicated to every rock band that didn't quite make it. At least for a while, they had fun! Rich Hopkins certainly still does when his guitar and that of Jon Sanchez come together. And then there's an abrupt about-face at the album's end: 'Leona's Waltz' is an acoustic, pedal steel-driven alt. Her former bandmate Arnold Parker is the song's guest vocalist.

RICH's deutsches Label hat seit 1. Und bei ihnen kann man folgendes lesen:. Concert review: Rich Hopkins and the Luminarios. Posted on Oct 24, in Americana Music, Reviews. Rich Hopkins and the Luminarios brought a rich blend of Arizona desert rock and Texas singer-songwriter tunes to their Oct. For fans of powerful guitars and sweet harmonies, the result was as refreshing as the long-awaited cool front that blew through the area a few days before.

Fronted by Hopkins, a longtime mainstay of the Tucson music scene, the band was celebrating the release of its excellent new CD, Tombstone Hopkins also has an extensive discography with his previous band, the Sidewinders, later known as the Sand Rubies. The gig was also a celebration for fans of band member Lisa Novak, who grew up in Houston and achieved notable success as a singer and songwriter before her personal and professional relationship with Hopkins they married several years ago and released a duo album, Loveland, in Drummer George Duron and bassist Michael Poulos provided solid rhythm support.

Corral as seen from the point of view of one of the Clanton brothers. The rest of the song program consisted of older material, including several songs from the previous Luminarios album, Buried Treasures. Darauf kann man schon ein wenig Stolz sein! Hinzu kommt, dass im Zeitalter der elektronischen Medien kaum noch etwas im Verborgenen bleibt! Auch wenn wir den "Wettlauf" mitunter mit den elektronischen Medien verlieren und manches neuerdings erst vermelden, wenn es schon einen gewissen Bekanntheitsgrad besitzt.

Was soll's! Denn - genau das war das Ziel! Und der Weg ist nun mal das Ziel! Das ehrt uns alle ungemein! November zwischen 18 und 20 Uhr. Lumi's f. Shil K. U n d bitte nicht verwirren lassen! Wir gehen davon aus, dass es beim 3. Oktober bleibt :-! Some intersting news for the Fan Club and you!

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This morning I met with Mike Davis' son Adrian! He is 27 years old and looks just like Mike. I spoke with his mother, Tish who is an old friend who got me and Mike together years ago She cut my hair at a salon and she put us together. Anyways, I had one of Mike's bass amps, an old Ampeg porta-flex from the 60's. Very cool and rare. What I learned was that Adrian, who did not have much of a relationship with Mike or Tish after the seperation, Mike then married Angela and eventually moved to California and later died with out reconciling with him.

Anyways, Adrian did not get recognized properly for being Mike's son so I gave him Mike's old amp today as a present along with stories about the Luminarios with Mike and letting him know that no one is perfect and Mike loved him as best as he knew how. We can all relate to this, right bruder?!