What You & Your Loved Ones Need To Know About MMS

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What You & Your Loved Ones Need To Know About MMS

If you're not familiar with the autism community, you may wonder why my statement would ever be considered controversial. Unfortunately, in the autism community, where there are disagreements about everything, even this seemingly straightforward statement causes arguments. The controversy, such as it is, began during the Autism One conference, held in Chicago from May The conference is a one-stop shop for parents looking for alternative treatments for autism, and it featured some of the most prominent supporters of the idea that vaccines cause autism, including discredited scientist Andrew Wakefield and celebrity autism mom Jenny McCarthy.

But the Autism One presentation that may have gotten the most attention this year was this one , about a treatment called MMS. In it, Kerri Rivera, the founder of a "Biomed-based Autism Clinic in Latin America," explained "how MMS chlorine dioxide has become the "missing piece" to the autism puzzle" and how she has used it to recover 38 children in 20 months. Unlike some kinds of pseudoscience, though, MMS has the potential to be quite harmful.

Check out the slides for Rivera's presentation , and you'll find that MMS is a combination of sodium chlorite and citric acid which, when mixed together, releases chlorine dioxide. MMS, in other words, is bleach. Rivera recommends giving it orally up to eight times a day. There's also a protocol for enemas, applied two to three times per week, and baths, which can be taken every other day.

Rivera's own slides admit that MMS can cause fevers, but she calls this a "good thing" and recommends giving an enema every day during the course of a fever. She also talks about what to do if the child suffers a Herxheimer reaction , which can cause fever, chills, hypotension, headache, hyperventilation, elevated heart rate, and muscle pain. If you don't find all of that appalling enough, you can read this testimonial from the parent of a non-verbal autistic boy who is using MMS. The MMS is causing vomiting and diarrhea, but the parent is frustrated because the non-verbal boy can't give any feedback about how he's feeling.

Well, how do you think he's feeling?

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Let's state the obvious: There is no reason to give bleach to any child, for any reason. There is not a shred of scientific evidence that MMS is an effective treatment for autism. Some purveyors of quackery have spotted a lucrative market and are trying to take advantage of it. But their protocol is far closer to child abuse than it is to effective medical treatment. Sadly, Autism One and those who attend it have had a very hard time recognizing these simple facts.

Instead, she mentions that Autism One presenters included M. But the presence of smart people at a conference that promotes quackery doesn't change the fact that it's promoting quackery. Second, Obradovic argues that Autism One "is loaded with good people, good parents, and great doctors who are willing to suffer personal attacks in order to make progress in the medical treatment of our very sick kids. MMS is the worst kind of quackery, and Autism One gave it a forum.

What's happened is that MMS has gotten caught up in the same arguments that always divide the autism community. For a list of companies using chlorine dioxide because it is selective, Google " chlorine dioxide selective. Its disinfecting mechanisms are not well understood, but appear to vary by the type of microorganism. Do you See? These quotes and hundreds of other quotes I didn't have room for prove conclusively that M.

Now one more thing: www. This company, along with others, proves that chlorine dioxide does not harm the human body in low concentrations such as those used by M.

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This is the quote:. There is no dangerous liability to ingesting chlorine dioxide over an extended period of time. The next argument was the concept that taking M.

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But that has also been proven not true. Back in , the National Institutes of Health in conducted an extended double blind clinical trial to determine that very fact, whether there is a liability in taking chlorine dioxide over a period of time. They also tested the chemicals sodium chlorite, and sodium chlorate at the same time. The tests were conducted with humans and not with rats, thus one does not have to try to extrapolate to show that rats can equal humans.

The MMS Protocols

The tests conducted showed that no adverse conditions resulted in human bodies. Here is the link to the report. Read it for yourself and decide. Save your life or that of a loved one within the next 5 years. Commonly quoted statistics say that either you or one of your loved ones will have a life threatening sickness sometime within the next five years.

If you have a bottle of M. The chemistry of chlorine dioxide proves that it cannot leave anything dangerous behind as it deteriorates into its component parts: sodium chlorite, sodium chlorate, and table salt sodium chloride. They are all gone from your body within several hours. More than 5 million people have used M. More than thousand books have been sold in alone and it has been translated to over 18 languages, including Russian, Japanese, and Chinese, and is selling in most European countries.

MMS. Miracle Mineral Solution

More than 50 thousand books have sold in the. More than 5 million free M. At least , lives have been saved to date. So the FDA has decided that they will take M. They are forcing the M. This is also happening in , no doubt instigated by our FDA. This is the start, but they want to take it all away from the world, and they will do their best to use their authority to see that the world does not have M.

Can you possibly believe that , people died last year after taking an FDA-approved drug prescribed by a doctor? Well that is a fact and it is well documented on the Internet. Not one person worldwide died from taking M. The critics like to name a couple of cases worldwide where someone died, but in each case there was no logical connection to M.

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The FDA intends to send the owners of the M. Do you see? We cannot let this happen. Those of you who cannot believe in M. What if, on the off chance, I could be right? Will you take the chance of losing something that might save you or a loved one?

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Why take the chance? If nothing else, insist that it be tested in Labs throughout the world.

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So let me tell you about the attack on me. Hope you don't think I am paranoid. Anybody who does anything will develop a few critics.