Tips on Wedding Etiquette with Divorced Parents in the Mix

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Also, have your maid of honor or best man carry a decorative handkerchief for your sniffles during your vows. Finally, a glass of bubbles never hurt. We suggest designing a wedding canopy rather than a chuppah.

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Chuppahs hold specific significance in Jewish culture; according to custom, four attendants hold or stand by the poles and a prayer shawl is draped over the top to represent the home the couple will share together. Since that may not signify your religious beliefs, canopies will give you a similar look. Especially popular for outdoor weddings, canopies help define the altar area and provide a backdrop of sorts for the couple.

Churches, for example, sometimes have a list of specific, approved songs you must choose from. Go for it.

The only etiquette requirement is to make sure the lyrics are appropriate for all ages. For an unique twist, consider the instrumental version which also avoids any debatable words or have a string quartet play arrangements of popular music, such as Kanye West.


How you walk down the aisle is totally up to you. Look at Meghan Markle when she married Prince Harry! Have an honest conversation with your mother about how it might affect your father and your step-father. Plus, there are plenty of thoughtful options if you do want to be escorted: Your mother can walk with you, your step-father, or even both your father and step-father. You can take parents out of it entirely and walk with a sibling, close friend, or mentor.

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This is a great question. The maid or matron of honor would enter last, with the best man if both roles are filled. Then come the ring bearer and flower girl, either single file or together. At the altar they can stand with the wedding party if they have the attention span; otherwise, have them sit with their parents near the front. Then, of course, comes the bride. For same-sex couples, one, both, or neither partner may walk down the aisle, so it depends on what the pair decides is best.

If they have a wedding party, the group will follow a similar order as above. For a guide on the processional order, watch this handy video! When deciding prime wedding ceremony seating, your guidelines should be good judgment and family dynamics. If everyone is comfortable, your mother and father can sit in the first row with their respective spouses. If they need a little space between them, put one set of parents in the front row and the other in the second row.

We know that may still cause drama, so another option is to place them in the front row but with a mutual party, such as close relatives, in between. Whatever you decide, communicate it with your guests with signage.

Wedding Invitation Wording Tips & Etiquette

During one of life's most memorable moments, you should go by the name that feels like you. However, you will want to use your official name on your legal documents like your marriage license. There is a broad range of material to use for your readings: Biblical passages , quotes from the Quran, poems, excerpts from books, song lyrics, and more.

That said, some religious institutions do pare down your choices.

For example, Roman Catholic churches often have a short-list of Biblical passages to choose from. If your ceremony is non-denominational, consider works of literature or music that inspire you or speak to you as a couple click here for our roundup of Make sure everyone feels welcome by having your officiant explain that guests should kneel, stand, and sing to the degree that they feel comfortable. That goes for the wedding party too.

How to Seat Your Guests at the Wedding Reception

For your VIPs, including close family members, your future in-laws, and your wedding party, speak with everyone ahead of time to let them know what to anticipate and discuss any discomfort with the ceremony expectations. Cut that part out of the cues; just let your officiant know ahead of time. If you like the idea of an embrace instead, plan a loving hug. Sure, it's fine to make last-minute changes, but try to get the chart mostly done at least a week before the day. Create a new spreadsheet. If you haven't already, insert a column into your guest list document categorizing all the invitees by relationship: your friends, your family, your partner's friends, your partner's family, your family friends, your partner's family friends and so on.

This way, you'll be able to easily sort the list and break it down into more logical table assortments.

You Have to Hear This 6-Year-Old's Advice for Her Divorcing Parents

Now you'll need to separate these lists into distinct tables. If you're more visual, draw circles for tables on a big sheet of paper and write names inside them make sure you know how many people can comfortably be seated at each table. Or you could write every guest's name on a sticky note and place it accordingly. A traditional head table is not round, but long and straight, and it's generally set up along a wall, on risers, facing all the other reception tables. All the bridesmaids can sit on the bride's side, and all the groomsmen on the groom's. Or maybe you're not into being on display, or you don't want your wedding party to feel isolated from other guests. Another option: You two sit with your parents and let that be the head table, with the wedding party at their own tables.

Traditionally, your parents and your partner's parents sit at the same table, along with grandparents, siblings not in the wedding party, and the officiant and their spouse if they attend the reception. Find another article View next article Share this article. If the site has two aisles, the congregation sits in the center section. Seating widowed parents: Widowed parents of either the bride or groom may prefer to have someone by their side during the ceremony, and it is perfectly correct to do so. Their companion is treated as an honored guest.


It can be tricky: Divorced parents may or may not get along, or the bride may be close to one parent and not the other.