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Something of a mad book-gifting fairy, she believes good stories should be shared.

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The Sundered. Ruthanne Reid. Four hundred years ago, the water was still blue. Four hundred years ago, no one had heard of Sundered Ones or the telepathic "claim" that enslaves them. Four hundred years ago, humans ruled the Earth.

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Now, the Earth drowns in black water that kills if touched, and humanity limps into its final hour. In a small boat, Harry searches for the Hope of Humanity, a machine that--according to legend--can save his people. Instead, he finds Aakesh: the most beautiful and terrifying Sundered One he's ever seen. The action starts right away with no dull moments.

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Plus, there are extra stories at the end of Books 1 and 2 with further revelations. This is the first time we are introduced to endearingly snarky Katie Lin of the Kin. Despite the nearly unbearable cuteness, there is no way she can keep it.

She attempts to travel via Conflux but her plans are thwarted. Until she bumps into a Fey named Grey who has another magical method to travel, although more dangerous. Dragons have their plans and there are prophecies to be fulfilled.

Strings — Among the Mythos Book 0. He just happens to be the Prince of the Unseelie Fey who derives his power from music. That all comes into play when there is a sudden attack by what is theorized as being Shadow-Eaters but ends up being something nastier and more powerful.

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He is of the Darkness and gives Grey the juice he needs to defeat the beasties. The half-shell in this case is literally one half of a bivalve that spews prophecies to guide the way, albeit in a highly circuitous manner. Apparently the baby dragon is the key to fulfilling a prophecy that would hopefully unite the Red and Black dragon clans that have been constantly at war. But what was she supposed to do when her life was suddenly in grave danger and the fate of all the known worlds rests on her shoulders? The Sundered — Among the Mythos Book 2. In an Earth where bodies of water have become deadly and has been invaded by creatures which humans call the Sundered Ones, Harry Iskinder leads a group of travelers around the world in search of the Hope which is believed to restore the planet to what it used to be hundred years ago. Will he ever find the Hope, and if so, would it really change his world back to what it was before the Sundered appeared? One way to find the answers to those queries is by reading the book.

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