The Goblin Reservation

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Comment by Fletcher Vredenburgh - May 7, pm. Like Fletcher said, I need to rectify that. My single favorite Simak novel, I think. But I always enjoy Mr.

The Goblin Reservation

The cover most familiar to me is the Berkeley one. It had a laudatory quote on the back by a guy named Fritz Leiber—probably the first time I saw that name. Comment by James Enge - May 8, am. Comment by John ONeill - May 8, am.

Заповедник Гоблинов (The Goblin Reservation) - Птицей (2013 усадьба Сурикова)

I was doubtless familiarized with many writers by seeing their blurbs on the Asimov and Van Vogt paperback books I was reading, before I stumbled on their own works. I wonder if that was part of the reason for using them? I had a copy of that Corgi paperback, odd years ago, but i remember almost nothing of the story. I must read some Simak again. I mean, a dragon with a smile.

It should be the title of my next Vintage Treasures article. Comment by John ONeill - May 9, am. His collections are where I fall down as a Simak collector. I thought I was doing pretty well by having 12 of his English-language short story collections… but according to the ISFDB, he published The tough short story collections for Americans to find are the half-dozen or so Methuen collections that were only published in the UK, Canada and Australia. Pretty mind-blowing book to read at Earlier this century someone was beginning a series of volumes intended to collect all of his short, but I think it fizzled out.

Comment by James Enge - May 10, am. Comment by Fletcher Vredenburgh - May 10, pm.

Quite right. They managed two volumes before I think going out of business:.

Phil Stephensen-Payne provided story notes. Comment by John ONeill - May 11, am. If you ever find yourself in the mood to review some Simak short fiction for your Tuesday column, I would be delighted. Simak - September 30, pm. You must be logged in to post a comment. Black Gate 15 - The last print issue.

The Goblin Reservation : Clifford D. Simak :

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Bill: Yes I like Simak.

I revisited Way Station and that started me off on a marathon. I am not sure why I like Way Station. I revisit it every decade or so. The loneliness of the character resonates with me for some reason. My other favorites are Niven and Pratchett. I seem to have grown away from them somewhat — they are showing their age. I also try a keep up with what my daughter reads so we can discuss them.

Time for a change. OTB: I suspect Simak is not everyones favorite. His works are showing their age. The best of more recent writers seem much more sophisticated. Many work hard to create a believable universe. For someone like me who is interested in astronomy this means his tales are not ruined by obviously flawed science.

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His smoke ring books are the same. Weird environment yes — but totally believable science in it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Goblin Reservation

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