The Fisherman and the Salmon A Fabled Love Story

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What must be understood, however, is that Atlantic salmon fishing is not about catching fish in the same way it is for many other species, such as walleye, pike, rainbow trout or even Pacific salmon. Atlantic salmon fishing has a great legacy of time-honoured traditions and an unwritten code of ethics.

Canadian anglers are blessed with some of the finest Atlantic salmon angling in the world. While this fishery has suffered greatly over time due in large measure to overfishing, management strategies implemented over the last couple decades have seen resurgence in populations in many of our traditional salmon rivers and, as a result, anglers currently enjoy increasing success and opportunity.

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Anglers considering their options should decide what matters most to them, as some rivers are known for high numbers of fish in their annual run, others are renowned for the size of fish. Few can boast of being near the top of both lists.

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The first time out you usually get your butt kicked. All you can do is dust yourself off and try again, nd again. The biggest mistake I made the first few times I hooked a salmon was that I was "playing" them, not fighting them. You have to take a similar approach. This is fishing with a purpose, every cast must be precise, every swing of the fly followed with clear-eyed intensity.

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And once you hook an Atlantic, you experience a feeling unlike anything else-a feeling that everything else in the world can, and should, be put on hold. From tiny strands of hair she made magic: the classic Scottish flies like the Jock Scott, Silver Doctor and Durham Ranger and the fly named after her, the Megan Boyd, a nifty blue and black number famous for attracting salmon at the height of summer, when the water is low, hot and dead.

Shanyaak’utlaax̱: Salmon Boy Told in Tlingit (with English Subtitles)

With a very small, intrepid crew I began to stare at her life, letting myself wander in her footsteps. I collected all the stories about her from people who knew her wonderful tales from great characters in their own right. And I spent long days peering into and out of the windows of her now abandoned and collapsing cottage. We marched up alongside the rivers and glens of the spectacular Scottish countryside and looked out over the grey expanse of the North Sea.

And I tracked down the last few people in the world willing to try their hand at making the complex, miniature fishing flies that Megan had created—whispering her patterns as if they were magic spells and twirling bits of feathers many from birds that are largely extinct or endangered and gold and silver tinsel around tiny metal hooks because nowadays most fishing flies are made with plastic and superglue!

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They come back to the river for just one thing—to spawn, for love. Salmon fishing is all about the seduction. A part of me wanted to believe that Megan Boyd was the content woman everyone made her out to be—all alone in her little cottage, happily spinning away like mad, never lonely.

go here Kiss the Water was created from this very unorthodox marriage of facts, fictions, and fairy tale—in almost exactly the same manner in which Megan Boyd twirled bit of feather, fur and fine threads into her miniature works of art. Scotland was an ideal place to let my mind really wander. The animations are not illustration or reenactment—they are a construction of her dream life, as I envisioned them.

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