The Cloud Strike Prophecy (A Regan Hart Novel Book 1)

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By Dykes, Laura Grace.

[PDF.50na] LAtitudes: An Angeleno's Atlas

Things looked bleak. I was out of medication, without a doctor, and beginning to find daily life more and more difficult. I was fragile, on edge, fatigued, isolated. I was facing another breakdown, and it seemed inevitable. I knew that if it all became too much, if I didn't get h So in a final effort of perseverance, I went public.

I decided to tell my story, share the lessons I had learned, and try to support anyone else who felt like me This book is a collection of the author's blog posts, providing an inside look at chronic depression.

Daily Prophetic 21 September 2019 Word 1

It is a must-read catalog of self-reflection for those who are suffering from depression-and for those who love them and don't know how to help. It is also a reminder that openness can lead to healing and honesty can be life changing.

The Jewish people have prayed for centuries for their Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem. But how.

The Cloud Strike Prophecy (A Regan Hart Novel) (Volume 1)

While the world's attentio Meanwhile, rumors swirl that the Israelis plan to rebuild their Temple in spite of the Muslim Dome of the Rock dominating the Jerusalem skyline. When ancient sources reveal long hidden clues to the actual location of the original Jewish Temple, Ty, Regan, and Solly are given the dangerous job of proving this theory. Their investigation could lead to a holy war. A mysterious prophecy from the Dead Sea Scrolls launches a task force to prevent a deadly bioterrorism attack on America.


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Global economist Regan Hart and private investigator Ty Kensington meet under unusual circumstances, but fate quickly leads them on a frantic chase from Georg Solly, an archeologist and high-ranking Israeli intelligence agent, joins in the hunt. This unlikely trio searches for clues to stop the terrorists. But will they find them in time? Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases.

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My Account Sign in Register. That and Ty had connections that most private eyes do not. And then there is Solomon 'Solly' Rubin, a man in his early 60's but still in terrific shape who, being affiliated with Israeli intelligence, can come up with good reasons why people are after Hart and even provide help in keeping her alive.

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Someone had stolen her purse but then threw it away, keeping only a small gift she had carrying for a colleague. That theft would lead them into a dangerous quest to find and stop an al Qaeda cell with a murderous plot in the works. Regan Hart, along with her friends Ty and Solly, finds herselfe asked to prove or disprove a location as being the site of the original temple destroyed thousands of year before. The trouble is that no matter what they discover, someone will want them dead.

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