SUMMUM: Sealed Except to the Open Mind

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He contended that visitations by high beings were no more crazy than claiming that Joseph Smith was visited by two supreme beings in the woods.

Founding of Summum

Sex and sexuality are important parts of the Summum religion and it believes that true ecstasy can be achieved through the right sexual practices. And while the manual is written for heterosexual couples, many of the practices can be applied to gay couples. One of the key tenants of the religion is the divine proportion, which is one reason the group built a pyramid for religious services and making products.

In addition to sexual products such as lube and oil, wine is made in the pyramid.

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It was registered as an official winery in Another of the key tenants of the religion is mummification. Many pets and other animals have been mummified, but only one human being has gone through the process, the group founder, Ra, who passed away in The mummification services are available to the public and participants do not have to belong to the faith.

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Summum contends that the principles and nature of creation are continuously re-introduced to humankind by evolved beings. The lower knowledge was embodied in the more widely known Ten Commandments , while the higher was expressed in what Summum refers to as the "Seven Aphorisms". However, the undeveloped condition of the Israelites prevented them from understanding. Moses returned to Mount Sinai and returned with another set of tablets containing the lower law that was much easier for the people to comprehend.

The higher law was only shared with a few capable of understanding its meaning. According to the group, the "Seven Aphorisms" are: [24].

Summum followers have gained attention as of late in that they have proposed that their Seven Aphorisms be placed in public places alongside the Ten Commandments , specifically in several locations in Utah. Summum has prevailed in other litigation where the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Summum was denied its right to free speech and governments had engaged in discrimination.

Their argument is that the acceptance of a monument is not an instance of a public forum where speakers may not be discriminated against, but rather a form of government speech that does not require neutral viewpoints. Justice Samuel Alito , in his opinion for the court, asserted that a municipality's acceptance and acquisition of a privately funded permanent monument erected in a public park while refusing to accept other privately funded permanent memorials is a valid expression of governmental speech, which is permissible and not an unconstitutional interference with the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech.

According to Alito, "the display of a permanent monument in a public park" is perceived by an ordinary and reasonable observer to be an expression of values and ideas of the government, the owner of the park and the monument, even though the particular idea expressed by the monument is left to the interpretation of the individual observer. Alito made a clear distinction between forms of private speech in public parks, such as rallies and temporary holiday displays Christmas trees and menorahs , and the government speech represented by permanent monuments. He opined that even long-winded speakers eventually go home with their leaflets and holiday displays are taken down; but permanent monuments endure and are obviously associated with their owners.

Alito wrote, "cities and other jurisdictions take some care in accepting donated monuments. In a companion case, Summum requested a monument of its Seven Aphorisms be placed next to a Ten Commandments monument in Roy Park, a public park in the city of Duchesne, Utah. Following the Supreme Court's ruling in Pleasant Grove v. Summum , Summum claimed the ruling opened the door for a new challenge based on church-state separation claims. Duchesne decided to move the monument to the city cemetery to avoid continuing litigation, citing counsel from their attorney who said the solitary monument would establish a religion for the city.

As a result of the monument's removal from the city park, Summum's lawsuit became moot and was dismissed.

SUMMUM: Sealed Except to the Open Mind

The Summum Pyramid is a sanctuary and temple used by the organization of Summum for instruction in the Summum philosophy. It is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was built during to The pyramid is 40 feet long at the base, 26 feet high, and is oriented towards true north of the Earth. The structure also incorporates the Divine Proportion , or Golden Ratio, in its design. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Summum disambiguation. This article has multiple issues.

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