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The kind of place where a kid might get bored and fall into the wrong crowd. Also, to achieve world domination. If you were to pass him on the street, Andrey might come across as a college student, maybe an intern at some sort of finance firm.

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The week after first breaking news of the Target hack, cyber security journalist Brian Krebs took the name of the dark web website where the credit cards were posted—rescator. After some digging, a trail of online criminal activity dating back to began to take shape, and a historic WHOIS lookup led to Andrey. Among his spoils have been leaked cards from the hacks of Sally Beauty and Home Depot. There are very large-scale forums where all sorts of shady actors exchange or sell credit card information.

We need to understand this data contains names, full credit card numbers. Sometimes it contains physical addresses as well. Carding networks have all sorts of operations that they run in order to get their information moving from one place to the other, be it — as I said large scale dark web forums or they have like actual money mules that will generate a fake card based on that information that was leaked from such a breach.

They will actually manufacture a card. They will go to an ATM in some country.

They will try to empty the account, get as much money as they can, take the cash, go to a Western Union agency and transfer the money to another account. They will do it several times in order to make it harder for the authorities to track the money. These are very large scale operations. These are very — these people are very good at what they do and credit card — stolen credit card data exchanges hands all the time. In the month following the Target hack, Tortuga would be updated regularly with millions of new cards.

The site also featured a versatile search function, where shoppers could filter cards based on the issuing bank, card type, expiration date, even the ZIP code of the Target store location where it was used.

Game developers have a voice.

It really was like a mini-Amazon. In the series, Rescator is a pirate who commits morally defensible crimes and never reveals their identity. To this day, the exact identity of the Target hacker has not been definitively confirmed. Back to Target. How did they respond to their hack?

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In short: not well. The problem was this: we know that the timeline of the attack began on Thanksgiving, and kicked into gear on Black Friday. What happened in that month? Perhaps Mulligan was unaware of the real story that would come from Bloomberg Businessweek one month later. It turns out Target had installed FireEye—a business-oriented cybersecurity software—six months prior to November, The weak link is always the human being. Computer security is not a technical problem. The software generally does a pretty good job. It seems no further action was taken.

Symantec has a built-in feature that deletes malware upon detection.

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Target had that feature turned off. This was standing in a panic room, alarm bells ringing, red lights flaring, and continuing on with business as usual. It was December 12th, a full two weeks after Black Friday, when Target was approached by the FBI in regards to a potential hack of their internal data. The following day, executives from the company met with members of the U. Department of Justice. The day after that, Target hired a third-party forensics team to investigate.

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Hiring a team to investigate a hack that revealed itself many times over already was some kind of ironic. Target ended up publicly admitting to the breach a week after the FBI visit, and publicly apologized. Before you give them too much credit, it should be noted that Brian Krebs had already broken the story one day before.

We will have to see if that happens to corporations who have been lax with our data and again, that is something which I think will motivate C-level executives to take security seriously.

There really is no excuse anymore. Many campus courses are also being divided into bite-sized chunks by awarding badges for successful completion thereby encouraging students to focus on one step at a time. Learning - one bite at a time. Labels: e-learning , MOOC , participation.

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Monday, October 14, Quality and openness. Labels: OER , openaccess , publication , quality , research.

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It's going to take time to establish a new framework and maybe new perspectives of digital rights will emerge. The crucial factor is that all parties discuss as openly as possible and try to find answers to all these questions. Monday, October 7, E-mail generation. E-mail, like most tools, is good for some things and not so good at other things. Over the last 15 years we've used it for just about every type of transaction. Maybe we should listen to the students and try new ways of communicating, leaving e-mail to deal with what it's good at.

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