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In these diagramms two things seem to be important: 1. I understand the region that is seperated by the event horizon.

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Stuff inside can not talk to stuff outside of that region. I do not understand what is so special about the particle horizon.

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I think I can talk to people outside the horizon while I am inside. I read that the particle horizon is the edge of the observable universe. Since I can leave this region this statement does not make sense to me. It is important to be clear that these horizons are horizons only to an observer at this place in Space and Time.

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They do not mark physical boundaries between different regions in Space; rather, they describe boundaries for regions in Space and Time observable to us, on Earth, at this particular time. An observer somewhere in the Virgo cluster will see different horizons, spherical, at the same distances as we see them, and with themselves in the exact centre.

The Particle horizon is always expanding, in all cosmological models. In our currently favoured cosmological model, it is around 43 billion light years away. This is the distance, inside of which photons emitted in our direction today will reach us in a finite time in the future. When light in distant parts of the Universe is emitted towards us, their journey is a race between their velocity towards us and the cosmological expansion of Space.

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The expansion of Space is homogeneous, which means that the recession velocity of a region is proportional to its distance. There is a distance, at which the recession velocity equals the speed of light; this is the distance we call the Hubble Sphere.

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However, in most cosmological models, the Hubble Sphere is not a horizon; it is perfectly possible to observe galaxies that are currently and have always been receding from us at superluminal speed; we have been doing this routinely for decades. This is because even though these photons are initially moving away from us, they are moving into regions of Space which are receding more slowly from us, until the "catch up" with our Hubble Sphere and start approaching us.

However, if the expansion is fast enough, it will "win" over the expansion of the Hubble sphere at some distance. This means that beyond this distance, photons will never get to our Hubble Sphere and thus never reach our telescopes, because the Universe expands so rapidly that the "crawl" towards our cosmic neighbourhood is too slow.

Yes, we routinely observe objects at distances far beyond that of the event horizon.

The Event Horizon is a horizon in Time, not only in Space. What we observe at those distances is all in the past, though. As the Universe expands, these objects cross our event horizon at a given time in their history. From Earth, when we look at a galaxy at these distances, we will see the light from this galaxy being increasingly redshifted as we observe epochs closer and closer to this point in time. This also means a slowing down of the perceived time; on top of the increasing redshift, we will see the galaxy's history slow down and grind to a complete halt as we come asymptotically closer to this point in its history - this event - beyond which we can never get more information.

Remember that an event in relativity is a point in Spacetime. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is the meaning of the particle horizon in conformal diagrams?

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Ask Question. According to the designer, in cosmology the "particle horizon" describes the region of what has or has not already been observed in the universe, what has existed and what does not exist yet. More specifically, it is a measurement of the range of observation or experience we have about the nature of the universe since the Big Bang.

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