Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in the Banking Sector

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Alliances in action. In February , Berlin-based mobile bank N26 joined forces with London-based peer-to—peer money-transfer firm TransferWise, allowing N26 to provide fair overseas transfers. These agreements span fintechs of all shapes and sizes.

M&A Statistics

OakNorth is more likely to acquire talented teams or strike commercial partnerships with other fintech players than make acquisitions, Chief Financial Officer Cristina Alba-Ochoa told Mergermarket in March. Bankers sometimes bring partnership opportunities, Alba-Ochoa said. To develop relationship with unicorns, bankers propose such opportunities, the sector banker said.

In May, Monzo also announced a new multi-year agreement with Palo Alto, California-based digital ID verification company Jumio to simplify the customer onboarding experience. Partnerships are largely influenced to address product concerns rather than geographical spread as new products help achieve greater customer reach. Yet, partnerships aimed at entering new territories also take place. In November , London-based challenger bank Tandem announced a strategic partnership with Hong Kong-based financial services group Convoy.

The deal was structured such whereby Convoy invested GBP 15m into Tandem and provided its Asian customer base; in return Tandem provided access to its technology. Elsewhere, OakNorth licenses its technology to nine large institutional banks outside of the UK to reach new clients.

Merger and Acquisition Financing from Live Oak Bank

While partnerships struck between fintech companies and banks and other traditional financial fields forged the majority of such alliances, there are now increasingly more of these being conducted between fintech and fintech , Managing Partner of Singapore-based venture capital firm Life.

This is especially so among start-ups.

Overview: Number of Mergers & Acquisitions by Industry since 1985

Partnerships between corporates and start-ups and can prove difficult because of corporate culture clashes, technology variances and conflicts of interest that can rise when new products are launched, Solodkiy said. Our privacy policy has been updated since the last time you logged in.

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