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Articles - The Search for Redrock Canyon – a lost Shangri-la

Tips for a successful holiday party season. Inside Canada's biggest cannabis store at West Edmonton Mall. Stunning aerial view of downtown Edmonton after light dusting of snow. Outlook 'positive' for rescued horse, owner says. Most Watched false.

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Alberta is putting a 2-year freeze on new photo radar. Aurora Cannabis store ready to open. Notley takes back comments to reenter assembly. Most Read. Temporary freeze on new photo radar devices; new rules coming. Downtown Christmas Market hopes to get you into the spirit. Canada's largest cannabis store rolls into West Edmonton Mall. The restaurant was fully involved when firefighters arrived, Pittman said. Flames spread to a 5,square-foot patch of brush but were quickly put out.

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Photo by Dan Watson. The restaurant was so involved in flames that firefighters focused their efforts on preventing the spread while the fire burned itself out, he said. The flames were doused at a. No injuries were reported but the building was a total loss, leaving an aftermath that left several people outside the site dazed. Though the glory days may have faded for the remote Hollywood hangout, several people who said they were patrons of the Big Oaks Lodge said they were devastated to see the place destroyed so suddenly.

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Since then, thousands of miners have picked and panned the San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles, some continuing to the present day. The years have worn away most evidence of this forgotten gold rush. But hidden high up in quiet canyons or on treacherous granite ridges, one can still find reminders of a time when hardy souls extracted a living from these mountains.

Placerita Canyon State Park, three miles east of Newhall, is where it all got started. The Oak of the Golden Dream, a twisted old California Live Oak, stands at the west-end of the park, north of the highway. The small stream runs only a few months each year and was bone dry this past July, the fifth straight year of drought in the state.

Lack of water was a major obstacle for the placer miners of the 19th century. The Mexicans who did most of the mining in Placerita and nearby canyons used dry panning to winnow out the gold, but the process was not efficient. Even so, the placer gold soon gave out.

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By the streambeds yielded little to prospectors. But soon they were locating the veins where the placers originated. Copper ore was discovered while surveying for a railroad to connect Los Angeles with the Mojave Desert in ; but at the time, it was not considered important.

It was not until that miners went back after the copper — and then discovered, in the process, silver and gold. Thus began the boom in Soledad Canyon. The town of Soledad, also known as Ravenna, quickly sprang to life. Then it died, then it revived again. By , it had enough residents that a U. Through the lean years, the Mexican miners kept things going. The Soledad lode mines proved much more profitable than early placer operations. Not much mining continues in the old Soledad District these days, but the sites have left a permanent mark on the hills. It was simply the first documented claim.

Vast amounts of gold were said to exist at Mill Creek. The two-mile hike up to Monte Cristo mine from Monte Cristo Campground on Angeles Forest Highway takes you past the Black Crow mine only the foundation of two buildings are left and the Black Cargo—a small operation that is continuing today. About a half-mile beyond is the Monte Cristo, which has also been worked recently.


Townhomes at Lost Canyon | Apartments in Santa Clarita, CA

The Monte Cristo, which is not posted, looks like its tenants moved out just last week. Several abandoned houses sit in the junction of two creeks.

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Old machinery is strewn about, including an old rusted-out, bullet-riddled car.