HÉROES DEL CIVISMO (Spanish Edition)

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Colorful photos and simple sentence constructions support…. This delightful series teaches students about everyone's basic human needs. Colorful photographs support vocabulary as students learn about communities and the needs we all share. This beginning reader series describes the different body coverings of familiar animals.

Vibrant color photos correspond directly with each page's simple text to reinforce concepts and vocabulary. Build readers' understanding of how we measure time using calendars. Custom photographs illustrate various types of calendars and time-keeping measures, while kid-friendly examples convey the…. This series will help students discover how familiar objects change form through heating and cooling. See what happens to popcorn, ice cream, or candles when they are heated or cooled. This science series explains how some forms of matter respond to various forces.

Simple text and vivid color photographs encourage students to observe, describe, record, and predict the many…. This series highlights essential character values that help people get along and be good citizens.

HÉROES DEL CIVISMO (Spanish Edition)

Simple text and photographs offer concrete examples, while bulleted lists in the back of…. Introduce students to the dos and dont's of taking care of common classroom pets. Readers will learn what type of container their pet needs, what their pet eats, and what its daily habits…. Using simple vocabulary and photographs, this series introduces beginning readers to colors.

The easy-to-read, repetitive format helps students recognize sight words and become familiar with…. Introduce young readers to the types of communities around them. Colorful photographs support the simple text and illustrate the similarities and differences of living in urban, suburban, and…. Give beginning readers a peek inside community buildings and familiarize them with the objects and people commonly found there.

Color photos directly correspond to the simple text on each page. Create a classroom of conservationists!

Each of these simple books examines way students can help conserve resources in their community. The simple text and corresponding photographs will…. Designed for students at a first grade reading level, these titles help young readers identify and predict cycles in the natural world through examining animal behavior or natural phenomena. In this series basic concepts from early math curriculum are introduced using fun and familiar objects.

These books support a well-balanced math program focusing on developing whole-number…. More basic math concepts are introduced using fun and familiar objects. Readers will learn about patterns and sorting and develop whole number concepts. Explore the concept of interdependence of life with young readers. Each of these engaging, photographic books looks at how people, plants, and animals need a healthy environment—and each….

This set in the trusted First Step Nonfiction brand explains how government works, what its basic functions are, and how it affects our daily lives. From elections to citizenship, these…. Clear photographs introduce beginning readers to common objects made from the same material. Students can compare and contrast the properties of the materials while improving their reading skills. This series explains the unique features and roles of various farm animals using simple text and color photographs. A diagram and fun facts complete this introduction to familiar….

Students will relate to the feelings addressed in these picture-filled books. Simple language familiarizes students with the written forms of words they already know, while teaching about…. Build nutritional awareness in beginning readers through this appetizing series.

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The main text explains why each food group is beneficial and how much to eat. Kids will especially enjoy the…. Readers will easily grasp central concepts of physics in this fun series. From roller coasters to pool floats, and swings to hula hoops, the examples in the text and photographs illustrated…. This series teaches beginning readers about geography, introducing maps, globes, and simple geography terms.

Color photos support each concept. This social studies series explores the concepts of government in relation to students' family, school, community, and country. Broad concepts are introduced using simple explanations and….

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Informative photographs and simple texts familiarize readers with a variety of graphs. Students will see how graphs organize data and make it easier to understand. This series meets standards…. Readers will travel to a variety of environments in this engaging series. The simple text and striking photography explore the types of plants and animals that live in each habitat. The books….

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Engaging photos fully support readers as they learn simple words that use sounds of seven hard consonants. The words come together on the page to build a complete sentence. Students will feel…. Students will enjoy learning about solids, liquids, and gases while improving their reading skills. Full-color photographs and easy sentences introduce students to the three types of matter.


e-book HÉROES DEL CIVISMO (Spanish Edition)

Vibrant photographs and simple vocabulary introduce students to fruits, vegetables, grains, and flowers. Students learn about different types of plants while improving their reading skills. Students will learn general terms to describe various weather conditions in this easy-to-read series.

Key terms are repeated while sensory cues describe what a child might see or feel in…. Simple sentences and vivid color photos explain the features of various landforms. These books define each landform and explain what it looks like, how it is formed, and how it is useful to…. Build critical thinking skills in young readers by helping them understand the concept of advertising. Simple texts focus on the places where kids encounter advertising and explain how ad…. Vibrant color photographs and simple sentences introduce students to the parts of plants.

Students will love learning about plants while improving their reading skills. This series meets both….