How To Talk To God: Prerequisites of Prayer

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If you need help selecting a Bible to purchase, here are some great tips to consider before buying.

What is prayer

Note: You may want to consider listening to the Bible daily as an alternative or in addition to reading the Bible. The reason we attend church or gather with other believers regularly Hebrews is for teaching, fellowship, worship, communion , prayer, and to build one another up in the faith Acts Finding a way to participate in the body of Christ is fundamental to spiritual growth.

How should we pray? Praying according to God’s will

Also, if you've never been to a Christian church service, here's a simple guide to a typical Christian worship service to help you know what to expect. Most churches offer small group meetings and various ministry opportunities. Pray and ask God where he would want you to get "plugged in. Prayer is simply talking to God. There are no right and wrong words. Just be yourself. Give thanks to the Lord daily for your salvation. Pray for others in need. Pray for direction. Pray for the Lord to fill you daily with his Holy Spirit. There is no limit to prayer. You can pray with your eyes closed or open, while sitting or standing, kneeling or lying on your bed, anywhere, anytime.

So begin today to make prayer a part of your daily routine. Once you've made these four essential steps a regular part of your Christian life, it won't be long before you're eager to venture even deeper into your relationship with Jesus Christ. But don't feel rushed or get ahead of yourself and God. Remember, you have all eternity to grow in faith. Below you'll find a few more avenues of faith that are inherent to spiritual growth. One obvious way to venture further in the faith is to begin to go deeper into Bible study.

This step-by-step method is particularly useful for beginners but can be geared toward any level of study.

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As you become more comfortable with Bible study, you will begin to develop your own techniques and discover favorite resources that will make your study personal and meaningful. Here are some top study Bibles to consider. Keep in mind, Bible study doesn't require a great deal of elaborate preparation or a huge resource library. When you follow the Lord in believer's baptism , you make an outward confession of the inward change that has taken place in your life. Then I asked him further, how I must make my supplications to him; and he said, Go, and thou shalt find him upon a mercy-seat, where he sits all the year long to give pardon and forgiveness to them that come.

What is the key to effective prayer?

God be merciful to me a sinner, and make me to know and believe in Jesus Christ; for I see, that if his righteousness had not been, or I have not faith in that righteousness, I am utterly cast away. Lord, I have heard that thou art a merciful God, and hast ordained that thy Son Jesus Christ should be the Savior of the world; and moreover, that thou art willing to bestow him upon such a poor sinner as I am—and I am a sinner indeed.

Lord, take therefore this opportunity, and magnify thy grace in the salvation of my soul, through thy Son Jesus Christ. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior. In Your Name. Lord Jesus, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life.

Make me the kind of person You want me to be. God our Father, I believe that out of Your infinite love You have created me. In a thousand ways I have shunned Your love.

How do I Pray and Talk to God?

I repent of each and every one of my sins. Please forgive me. Thank You for sending Your Son to die for me, to save me from eternal death. I choose this day to enter into renew my covenant with You and to place Jesus at the center of my heart. I surrender to Him as Lord over my whole life. I ask You now to flood my soul with the gift of the Holy Spirit so that my life may be transformed.

Give me the grace and courage to live as a disciple in Your Church for the rest of my days. In Jesus name I pray Amen. The Peace with God organization, and other evangelistic organizations and preachers, messengers delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention SBC annual meeting reaffirmed the "Sinner's Prayer" after some debate:.

We affirm that repentance and faith involve a crying out for mercy and a calling on the Lord Rom. A "Sinner's Prayer" is not an incantation that results in salvation merely by its recitation and should never be manipulatively employed or utilized apart from a clear articulation of the gospel Matt. The absence of any specific examples of people praying the "Sinner's Prayer" in the Bible is also used by some to argue against it. There are also no examples of conversions in the Bible with people praying such a prayer.

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Though a more prominent concern is voiced by those who say it creates within the sinner a false sense of security. David Platt, a prominent Southern Baptist pastor in Birmingham, Alabama, has said that "Many assume they are saved simply because of a prayer they prayed. It's not that praying a prayer in and of itself is bad—but the question in John is what kind of faith are we calling people to?

Should it not concern us that there is no such superstitious prayer in the New Testament? Should it not concern us that the Bible never uses the phrase, 'accept Jesus into your heart' or 'invite Christ into your life'? It's not the gospel we see being preached, it's modern evangelism built on sinking sand. And it runs the risk of disillusioning millions of souls. Platt says he is concerned that some people "say they believe in Jesus, …say they have accepted Jesus, …say that they have received Jesus, but they are not saved and will not enter the kingdom of heaven".

While he affirmed that people calling out to God with repentant faith is fundamental to attaining eternal life salvation , he said his comments about the "sinner's prayer" have been deeply motivated "by a concern for authentic conversions". My comments about the sinner's prayer have been deeply motivated by a concern for authentic conversion and regenerate church membership Do I believe it is "wrong" for someone to pray a "prayer of salvation"? Certainly not. Calling out to God in prayer with repentant faith is fundamental to being saved….

I urge us, as we go to all people among all nations with the good news of God's love, to be both evangelistically zealous and biblically clear at the same time Matthew Francis Chan , a well-known evangelical Christian, has been making statements that contradict the sinner's prayer and emphasizing baptism and the Holy Spirit [24].

A second and related criticism is that many believers fail to mature as Christians after their supposed conversion using the Sinner's Prayer. An article in Christianity Today claims that "mediocrity and hypocrisy characterize the lives of many avowed Christians". Anyone can, and most Americans do, "believe" in Jesus rather than some alternative savior.

Anyone can, and many Americans sometimes do, say a prayer asking Jesus to save them.

Seven Principles of a Seeking-God Lifestyle

But not many embark on a life fully devoted to the love of God, the love of neighbor, the moral practice of God's will, and radical, costly discipleship. The writer encourages believers to go beyond a sinner's prayer and "embark on a life fully devoted to the love of God, the love of neighbor, the moral practice of God's will, and radical, costly discipleship".

See also Disciple Christianity. Does the reciter truly understand what the commitment to Christ really means? According to John , if a sinner is ready to accept Jesus as Savior, a biblical prerequisite is that the sinner Christian prospect has been drawn by the Holy Spirit. Another criticism of the Sinner's Prayer is that passages used to support it actually are not about the lost repeating a prayer in order to become Christians. The Sinner's Prayer is often employed in conjunction with Revelation and Romans , Revelation is employed to teach that Christ is knocking at the door of one's heart, and when a lost person asks Him to come inside, Jesus comes into the sinner's heart.

Romans , 13 are employed to affirm that one must confess with his mouth, that is, say the sinner's prayer, in order to become a Christian. However, the Baptist Greek professor Thomas Ross argues that Revelation is about members of a church turning to the Lord, not about Christ entering into the heart of the lost. He provides 14 reasons that Revelation is not about the lost asking Jesus into their hearts to become saved. Another form of this criticism of the sinner's prayer states that simply praying the sinner's prayer does not actually grant salvation to the one praying.

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  • One essay on the topic from the " Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry " asserts that "The 'Sinner's Prayer' is, today, an effective tool of Satan to dupe people into believing they are saved when they are not". Many Christians make the cataclysmic and unbiblical mistake of giving the other person a false sense of assurance of salvation, by asserting the person is saved because he prayed a prayer.

    So, many people walk away from such a conversation still dead in their sins, but believing what they've been told. So, now I'm a Christian! Other opponents of the Sinner's Prayer point out that no classic Christian confession of faith from any evangelical denomination in Christendom affirms that one must say the Sinner's Prayer to be saved; on the contrary, Baptist, Presbyterian and other Reformed, and other evangelical groups unanimously teach justification by faith alone. They argue that the Sinner's Prayer is a modern deviation from orthodox evangelicalism [28] and a deviation from classic evangelical methods of evangelism.

    Baptismal regenerationalists —those Christians who believe that when one is baptized in water is the actual moment that an individual receives salvation include Roman Catholics , the Churches of Christ , International Churches of Christ , Christian churches and churches of Christ , and the United Pentecostal Church International.

    This is based on passages in the New Testament that some interpret to require water baptism for salvation. Jesus was baptized in water by John the Baptist.