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Newton, J. Feminist Studies 4 1 , Sullivan, Z. Theory for the untheoretical: Rereading and reteaching Austen, Bronte, and Conrad. College English 53 5 , If you do not receive e-mail in your 'inbox', check your 'bulk mail' or 'junk mail' folders. User Username Password Remember me. Font Size. Notifications View Subscribe.

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Keywords Feminism, Elizabeth Bennet, moral character, gender inequality, foil contrast. Full Text: PDF. References Austen, J. Pride and prejudice. London: Penguin Books. Original work published Bochman, Svetlana.

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Brown, L. PMLA 84 6 , Jane Austen and the feminist tradition. Nineteenth-Century Fiction 28 3 : Cook, J. A pragmatic analysis of irony. Toolan, M. Political, economic, historical and sociological perspectives are combined with legal ones to present a realistic portrait of women's legal status. Rogaia Abusharaf and Randi Deguilhem. Hawwa publishes articles from all disciplinary and comparative perspectives that concern women and gender issues in the Middle East and the Islamic world. These include Muslim and non-Muslim communities within the greater Middle East, and Muslim and Middle-Eastern communities elsewhere in the world.

The journal strives to include significant studies of theory and methodology as well as topical matter. However, articles submitted in French are also considered. Eleanor Krassen Covan. Health Care For Women International provides an international, interdisciplinary approach to health care for women. The editors accept research reports and clinical and theoretical papers about a wide variety of women's health issues.

Carole Ferrier. Hecate prints material relating to women. They are interested in contributions which employ a feminist, Marxist, or other radical methodology to focus on the position of women in relation to patriarchy and capitalism. Penni Mitchell. Herizons has a feminist issues slant and writes about news, includes book reviews, carries interviews, includes lots of photos, and boasts a full-color cover and lively design.

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Bonnie J. Hypatia is a forum for cutting edge work in feminist philosophy. Since its inception in as an independent journal, Hypatia has been both a catalyst for broadening and refining feminist philosophy, and an invaluable resource for those who teach in this area. Open access. Stanimar Panayotov.

It is particularly interested in promoting theoretical investigations which see issues of politics, gender and culture as inextricably interrelated.

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Malavika Karlekar and Leela Kasturi. Indian Journal of Gender Studies aims to provide a more holistic understanding of society. Women and men are not compared mechanically. Rather, gender categories are analyzed with a view to change social attitudes and academic biases which obstruct a holistic understanding of contributions to the family, community and the wider polity. Brooke A. International Political Science Abstract. International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics provides a forum within bioethics for feminist thought and debate. IJFAB includes feminist scholarship on ethical issues related to health, health care, and the biomedical sciences.

Clem Herman. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology GST is an open access, peer reviewed journal that welcomes contributions from practitioners, researchers and policy makers concerned with gender issues in and of science and technology, including engineering, construction and the built environment.

Joyce Baptist. Journal of Feminist Family Therapy provides a multidisciplinary forum to further explore the relationship between feminist theory and family therapy practice and theory.

Articles include those of a theoretical nature, as well as those focusing on empirical research and clinical application. Catherine Villanueva Gardner, Anna M. Klobucka, Jeannette E. Journal of Feminist Scholarship is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published online and aimed at promoting feminist scholarship across the disciplines, as well as expanding the reach and definitions of feminist research.

Elizabeth Pritchard and Kate Ott.

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Journals Div. Morton St. Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion was the first journal to be established in the field of feminist studies in religion, and is internationally recognized as the premier journal in the discipline. JSFR has two parents: the academy, in which it is situated, and the feminist movement, from which it draws its nourishment and vision.

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Marianne Hester. Journal of Gender-Based Violence is the first international journal based in Europe to showcase the work of scholars in this field across disciplinary and topic boundaries, and from a range of methodologies.

Blu Tirohl. Journal of Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary journal which publishes articles relating to gender from a feminist perspective covering a wide range of subject areas including the social and natural sciences, arts, and popular culture. Each issue has a specific focal topic selected by the editors. Diana Fox and Cami Sanderson. Esther D.


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Journal of Lesbian Studies is the only professional journal devoted exclusively to the lesbian experience. The content of articles focuses primarily on women who identify as lesbians. The journal serves as a vehicle for the promotion of scholarship and commentary on lesbianism from an international perspective. Banu Gokariksel, Frances S. Hasso, and miriam cooke. Index Islamicus, Meria. Previously published as Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, established Journal Advisory Board.

Journal of the Motherhood Institute is an integral part of community building for both researchers—academics and grassroots—and mothers interested in the topic of motherhood.