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Tech companies have promoted the idea that machine learning and AI will head off such trouble, starting with simpler forms of misinformation.

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This would involve using algorithms trained to distinguish between accurate and misleading text and images in posts. The clips released last week, created in collaboration with Jigsaw, an Alphabet subsidiary focused on technology and politics, feature paid actors who agreed to have their faces swapped.

The idea is that researchers will use the videos to train software to spot deepfake videos in the wild, and to benchmark the performance of their tools. The clips show people doing mundane tasks: laughing or scowling into the camera; walking aimlessly down corridors; hugging awkwardly. The face-swapping ranges from convincing to easy-to-spot. Many of the faces in the clips seem ill-fitting, or melt or glitch in ways that betray digital trickery.

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WIRED downloaded many of the clips and shared them with several experts. Some say that deepfakery has progressed beyond the techniques used by Google to make some of the videos.

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We need significantly higher quality content. Google says it created videos that range in quality to improve training of detection algorithms. Henry Ajder, a researcher at a UK company called Deeptrace Lab , which is collecting deepfakes and building its own detection technology, agrees that it is useful to have both good and poor deepfakes for training.

Diamond merchant who bought Modi's suit duped of Rs 1 crore

Google also said in the blog post announcing the video dataset that it would add deepfakes over time to account for advances in the technology. The amount of effort being put into the development of deepfake detectors might seem to signal that a solution is on the way. Researchers are working on automated techniques for spotting videos forged by hand as well as using AI. These detection tools increasingly rely, like deepfakes themselves, on machine learning and large amounts of training data.

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Language: English. Quantum of Solace An old grandma who looked as if she wouldn't harm a fly called me a penciI-pushing capitalist dupe. Episode 1. The Sorcerer and the White Snake He'll realize he's been dupe d as soon as we release the pathogen and Americans start getting sick.

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