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Login Join Give Shops. Halmos - Lester R. Ford Awards Merten M. Simon was a Samaritan, and a native of Gitta. The name of his father was Antonius, that of his mother Rachel.

Martin Gardner's Magic Spells

And sometimes he "darkly hinted" that he himself was Christ , calling himself the Standing One. Which name he used to indicate that he would stand for ever, and had no cause in him for bodily decay. He did not believe that the God who created the world was the highest, nor that the dead would rise. He denied Jerusalem , and introduced Mount Gerizim in its stead. In place of the Christ of the Christians he proclaimed himself; and the Law he allegorized in accordance with his own preconceptions.

He did indeed preach righteousness and judgment to come. There was one John the Baptist , who was the forerunner of Jesus in accordance with the law of parity; and as Jesus had twelve Apostles, bearing the number of the twelve solar months, so had he thirty leading men, making up the monthly tale of the moon. One of these thirty leading men was a woman called Helen, and the first and most esteemed by John was Simon.

But on the death of John he was away in Egypt for the practice of magic, and one Dositheus , by spreading a false report of Simon's death, succeeded in installing himself as head of the sect. Simon on coming back thought it better to dissemble, and, pretending friendship for Dositheus, accepted the second place. Soon, however, he began to hint to the thirty that Dositheus was not as well acquainted as he might be with the doctrines of the school. Dositheus, when he perceived that Simon was depreciating him, fearing lest his reputation among men might be obscured for he himself was supposed to be the Standing One , moved with rage, when they met as usual at the school, seized a rod, and began to beat Simon; but suddenly the rod seemed to pass through his body, as if it had been smoke.

On which Dositheus, being astonished, says to him, 'Tell me if thou art the Standing One, that I may adore thee. Not long after this he died. The encounter between both Dositheus and Simon Magus was the beginnings of the sect of Simonians. The narrative goes on to say that Simon, having fallen in love with Helen, took her about with him, saying that she had come down into the world from the highest heavens, and was his mistress, inasmuch as she was Sophia, the Mother of All.

It was for her sake, he said, that the Greeks and Barbarians fought the Trojan War , deluding themselves with an image of truth, for the real being was then present with the First God. A description is given of how he made a familiar spirit for himself by conjuring the soul out of a boy and keeping his image in his bedroom, and many instances of his feats of magic are given. The Pseudo-Clementine writings were used in the 4th century by members of the Ebionite sect, one characteristic of which was hostility to Paul, whom they refused to recognize as an apostle.

Simon's magical powers are juxtaposed with Peter's powers in order to express Peter's authority over Simon through the power of prayer, and in the 17th Homily, the identification of Paul with Simon Magus is effected. Simon is there made to maintain that he has a better knowledge of the mind of Jesus than the disciples, who had seen and conversed with Jesus in person.

His reason for this strange assertion is that visions are superior to waking reality, as divine is superior to human. But can any one be educated for teaching by vision? And if you shall say, "It is possible," why did the Teacher remain and converse with waking men for a whole year? And how can we believe you even as to the fact that he appeared to you?

And how can he have appeared to you seeing that your sentiments are opposed to his teaching? But if you were seen and taught by him for a single hour, and so became an apostle, then preach his words, expound his meaning, love his apostles, fight not with me who had converse with him.

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For it is against a solid rock, the foundation-stone of the Church, that you have opposed yourself in opposing me. If you were not an adversary, you would not be slandering me and reviling the preaching that is given through me, in order that, as I heard myself in person from the Lord, when I speak I may not be believed, as though forsooth it were I who was condemned and I who was reprobate. Or, if you call me condemned, you are accusing God who revealed the Christ to me, and are inveighing against Him who called me blessed on the ground of the revelation.

But if indeed you truly wish to work along with the truth, learn first from us what we learnt from Him, and when you have become a disciple of truth, become our fellow-workman. The anti-Pauline context of the Pseudo-Clementines is recognised, but the association with Simon Magus is surprising, according to Jozef Verheyden, since they have little in common.

There are other features in the portrait which remind us strongly of Marcion. For the first thing which we learn from the Homilies about Simon's opinions is that he denied that God was just.

Guide Convincing Symon (The Council of Magick Book 1)

But he undertakes to prove from the Jewish scriptures that there is a higher god, who really possesses the perfections which are falsely ascribed to the lower god. In Irish legend Simon Magus came to be associated with Druidism. He is said to have come to the aid of the Druid Mog Ruith. The fierce denunciation of Christianity by Irish Druids appears to have resulted in Simon Magus being associated with Druidism. The church of Santa Francesca Romana, Rome , is claimed to have been built on the spot where Simon fell. Then she does what she does best: uses the empirium to dazzle the crowd, making stars seemingly dance in the air in the dining hall.

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Eliana and Navi hear trumpets sounding a warning. Eliana leaves to look for Remy. Harkan finds her in the hallway, begging her to leave with him at once. Simon arrives at the assembly and discovers Eliana left to find Remy but never caught up with him. Then they realize who else is missing: Harkan.

Simon asks Remy if he trusts him.

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  4. He says yes. Then Simon whisks them both away before anyone can protest. Harkan has booked them passage on a ship. She hates him now. One morning, a young boy asks Eliana about her castings, which are visible because she took her gloves off as she slept. He also leaves a tray of food with her.