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So the need of the hour could be to harness the requisite skill and technical up gradation lest things virtually go out of hand. Let there be a Zero Tolerrance Policy on this count. Truth always hurts especially to Feku bhakts. Very objective analysis by the print….

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Indian airforce is rubbish and only show off…and cheap people glorifying them…pilots and IAF men are interested in keeping their jobs and perks…. Lol… There are other jobs which offers better pay package and better perks … And before calling IAF rubbish think twice if you have the guts to sit in the cockpit any fighter jet.. I want to slap the writer right across their face for writing such a negative lousy article, people like you only know how to degrade and belittle your own country, you are a garbage writer with minimal sense and just know how to write shit about the people who work hard to protect our country so dumb fcuk people like you have a safe and sound sleep at night.

These so called failure people are the pride of our nation, and people like you just know how to find nooks and cracks so you can pin point it and magnify the things gone wrong!!! Balakot was a huge success and a big movement for our country, we showed power and strength, we showed that we will not tolerate anymore and we will fight back. All you do is cower behind your laptop screen with your fat little hands and type whatever negative shit comes to you for getting views and attention.

This is a garbage strategy to get attention of people and belittle the Indian army and the nation. People like you should be banished out of the country. May all the hatred come to you and may you go through the depths of negativity you are trying to spread and succumb into your own pile of negative shit. Sorry it is the media full of negatively spreading the correct messages in negative way, classic example is the current subject this is a patriotic media god bless all.

Arguments will never end.

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Because everyone is trying to understand rocket science without studying science.. A person with good commonsense can easily understand by analyzing facts data and details, events.

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But instead of analyzing we do shit.. Blaming each other. Its obvious whats happening to planes in Airforce. It is really shameful. This is the reason why Rang de Basanti was made. India me deshbhakt se zyada deshdrohi milta hai. The Print, entire India knows your hypocrisy.

Stop it, please. In the process to embarrass BJP, this hypocrite media house ends up insulting India. Like, seriously?

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You people are exploiting the freedom of speech like no one else. His Cut The Clutter is very incisive but bad sound makes it a pain to listen. Surely those who he has selected or groomed shall also be dispassionate and clinical in their articles. Shame on such reporting and still you are portraiting negatively under hidden agenda of portraiting centre govt as failure. I have been the part of iaf.

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A lot of correction is required to make the force effective. These flying accidents show lack of efficiency and sense of irresponsibility with unaccountability. A little firmness is required to zero on the fault and remedy on the part of Human Error. Still recollect IAF flying Fairchild Packet aircrafts till the eighties when all other airforces in the world had discarded. Her mouth extends and she grows more teeth. All she wants now is meat.

Live meat. Eventually the daughters have to chain her up, bring her stray cats and dogs. Their life becomes a nightmare of keeping her fed - and keeping their distance lest they be next. Side stories then shoot out in which two more people are covered: a retiree in a nursing home who can see the beheaded ghost of a comely young girl, and one of the two daughter's best friends who has a homosexual crush on her The stories weave in and out between each other and as one comes to the end of the story, one is left wondering how in hell does Comeau plan to tie this one up?

The book was a decent read, and as always I enjoy Comeau's storytelling. He's heavy on whimsy and compact in his writing style. He's seems to not be so much after word count as much as getting his point across simply, yet well.

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I can't recommend the book for everyone, but it scratches a very particular itch and presents horror in a fairly unique light. If you need somethng quick and different, you can finish this one in a day and go back to the usual programming. Provided you're not too disturbed to move on. Apr 20, Shellie Layers of Thought rated it really liked it Recommends it for: quirky horror lovers. Recommended to Shellie Layers of Thought by: Kittyism. Shelves: spec-fic-horror , blog-reviews , read-in , genre-humor-satire , element-glbt , element-quirky , element-disabilties-mental-illness.

A very dark and hilarious horror story with an ending that will gross you out, blow you away, and leave you smirking. Set Up: There are several main character in this layered story. One is a teenager, Jackie, who is experiencing a variety of life stresses, one of which is that her favorite tree has been cut down. She loves trees.

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  5. Worse yet is that she is also in love with her best friend Ann, whom has yet to acknowledge or disagree with her own feelings on the matter. In fact they are beginning to realize that she needs live flesh for food. Then we have two older neighbors living in a common apartment complex - the man, Charlie, and his cute, blind, fat and old dog Mitchie. They are being haunted daily by a headless dead girl whose connection to his neighbor, Mrs. Richards, becomes gradually clear as the story progresses. As we fumble along with each person and their little horrors, it becomes apparent they are all connected.

    Even better still, it has a twist, dry dark humor, and a hilariously sick ending. Thoughts: This is a story I do not think all people are going to enjoy. I would even go so far as to say most people, since it has some truly horrific elements. We have some bizarre connections, dark themes, blood, what appears to be mental illness, as well as some fairly thick angst from the all the characters.

    This book is wonderfully uncomfortable. For those that are not scared away yet, I recommended it for readers who are interested in a twisted coming of age story, horror, stories with LGBT elements, and those who enjoy dark humor. I do, so I give this great little horror book a 3. Aug 11, Lexyvs rated it it was amazing Shelves: own-it. I usually judge how much I enjoy a book by how hard it is to put down. Do I stay up far later than I should, until my eyes are burning with the need for sleep, or do I roll over and call it quits for the night?

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    Do I forgo stopping for coffee in the morning in order to get ten more minutes of reading in before I have to leave for work? This is where I found myself with Joey Comeau I usually judge how much I enjoy a book by how hard it is to put down. I received my copy in the mail last night, just before getting ready for bed, and I was finished by this morning.