An Impossible Silence

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Mollified a bit by his cooperation in one of her cases, she asks him to provide materials—and explosives—and is obviously closed-mouthed about the reasons why.


Next week finds medium trouble in Little China, and the Big Bad cometh. Understandably so, as her supportive community has been […].

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1 mistake in An Impossible Silence

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    An Impossible Silence - S1 - E11 Continuity mistake : When Catherine enters the precinct station, the desk sergeant places a small white file box on the counter. X Join the mailing list Separate from membership , this is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. Quotes Vincent: You'd sacrificed so much. Latest blog posts The 20 biggest Friends mistake pictures 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies 18 bits of trivia for Toy Story movies The 15 biggest mistakes in The Wizard of Oz 33 biggest mistakes in Toy Story movies The biggest mistakes in the Harry Potter movies The 20 biggest mistakes in Jurassic Park 40 biggest mistakes in The Big Bang Theory 21 bits of trivia for the X-Men movies The biggest mistakes in the X-Men movies.

    Originally Posted by Wiki The plot revolves around three friends, Belbo , Diotallevi and Casaubon , who work for a small publishing company in Milan. Find More Posts by bonavada. And six years later you still think the same way, it never occurred to you to think " Gee I guees I wasn't part of a drill but part of a mass murder plot carried out by the USG, maybe I should say something ".

    Find More Posts by stateofgrace. Find More Posts by tomwaits. Quote: That article was nothing but an attempt, yet again, to claim that we're all KKK supporting racist hatemongeres blinded with hate. Originally Posted by Zlaya Drug funded black operation will yield receipts? I'm sure the children on that plane imagined it to be a drill. Find More Posts by twinstead. Originally Posted by Zlaya You could be thinking you're part of a drill, and all of a sudden you're flying on a remote controlled plane into the Pentagon.

    Find More Posts by Cl1mhrd. And, if you get to the sale soon, you can see a giant crowd of ignorant jack-offs playing with each other's!!!

    Find More Posts by fuelair. Originally Posted by Cl1mhrd The compartmentalization "theory" is just as idiotic as anything the Truth Movement has pinched off, and it's used by Hoax Believers, too. That's some mass compartmentalization there. Find More Posts by CptColumbo. I really liked The Island of the Day Before.

    Originally Posted by ElMondoHummus Find More Posts by Reality Believer. And here in lies the gaping chasm between what's going on in your head, and the real world.

    Beauty And The Beast S01e11 An Impossible Silence - video dailymotion

    The articles issue is not getting 1, people to pull off a secret plan. It's that not one of these evidently immoral people has come forward. Your example above shows just how staggeringly inept you are at getting your head around this concept, because, if as you say, people were thinking they were "part of a drill and all of a sudden [they're] flying on a remote controlled plane into the Pentagon" in other words they were tricked into taking part that actually makes it more likely someone had come forward.

    So to sum up Find More Posts by gumboot. While mathematically eliminated from the post season, do not count them out yet. As long as you don't dis the Vikes, I got no problems football wise. Originally Posted by gumboot Find More Posts by chillzero. Cotton candy was also 10 dollars but you got a 30 cent party hat with it. Now there must be a conspiracy involved there.

    Find More Posts by eeyore Originally Posted by chillzero To get this kind of back on topic and civil please , why would passengers be put on a remote controlled plane? Well obviously there were no passengers on the flights, and obviously the flights were remote controlled because you can't find pilots willing to die for an ideal. Oh and obviously in the case of the pentagon, the plane couldn't have flown like it did unless it was remote controlled I should have quoted what I was referring to: Originally Posted by Zlaya You could be thinking you're part of a drill, and all of a sudden you're flying on a remote controlled plane into the Pentagon.

    And how did everyone find out who Mark Felt was? How long did he keep it a secret before he came out and admitted it? John M. Cole had knowledge of certain activities that directly related to the terror attacks on September 11, His name and contact information was provided to the Commission as a key witness by other witnesses, but he was never contacted or interviewed.

    He had been investigating a suspected terrorist cell for three years, when he was informed in January that the case was being closed. Agent Wright, along with Mr. Three months before September 11, Wright wrote a stinging internal memo charging that the FBI was not interested in thwarting a terrorist attack, but rather "was merely gathering intelligence so they would know who to arrest when a terrorist attack occurred.

    Searching for impossible silence

    The Commission investigators refused to meet with Edmonds and informed her that due to their limited resources and time they were not going to interview all witnesses. He had first-hand information of prior specific warning obtained from a reliable informant in April on the terrorist attacks of September Sarshar contacted the Commission directly but was refused. German served sixteen years as an FBI Special Agent and is one of the rare agents credited with actually having prevented acts of terrorism before it became the FBI's number one priority.

    He contacted the Commission in the spring of , but did not receive a response. According to Mr. German there were links between certain domestic and international counterterrorism related to the September 11 attacks. Despite her high-profile case the commission chose not to interview Ms. According to Ms. Shaffer and his former team members, yet did not pursue the case, did not follow up on this documented report and refused to subpoena the relevant files.

    Stoltz, a veteran undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, had played an important role in Operation Diamondback between and The sting operation involved a group of Middle Eastern men living in New Jersey who were caught on tape in an ATF weapons sting conspiring to buy millions of dollars of weapons including components for nuclear bombs.

    The case came to a screeching halt with the arrest of only a handful of suspects in June of even though there was ample evidence that some of the people who were attempting to buy these weapons had connections with the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden himself.

    Dzakovic had tried for several years prior to the attacks to improve aviation security in the face of the ever-increasing terrorist threat. His testimony and report to the Commission was completely omitted from the final report.