4th Novel Navi Award Excellence Award Works (Japanese Edition)

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[2018MAMA in JAPAN] TWICE INTRO + YES or YES + What is Love + Dance the Night Away

MYS smartness benettiyachts itsabenetti gigaseason gigayacht megayachts luxuryyacht superyachts superyacht superyachtlife motoryacht luxury luxurylife luxurylifestyle billionairelife billionairelifestyle millionairelife millionairelifestyle yacht yachts instayacht yachting yachtlife yachtdesign yachting yachtworld yacthinglifestyle madeinitaly. The first two models to be produced will be an 80 metre and 65 metre yacht.

Only pieces are available, priced at 9, swiss francs each. Work has already begun with a scheduled delivery date of The owners selected Carlo Torre of Monaco Yacht Temptation to create the interior design and the Fraser technical team to supervise the build. The Polar Class yacht has expedition facilities for 30 days of autonomy, a fully certified helideck and helicopter hangar, plus two large tender garages and a dive store.

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The power generation consists of a Siemens BlueDrive system with three variable speed generator sets and DC bus. In combination with electrical propulsion motors and a battery pack, the yacht has an economical and environmentally friendly configuration. Misha Merzliakov Yacht Design is responsible for the exterior styling and layout of the innovative, stable and high-volume catamarans which feature a progressive arrangement and chiselled modern styling aesthetic with extensive glass surfaces on the superstructure. One of the primary design features is the 53m2 beach club and aft entertaining space.

A unique central companionway provides cabins direct access to beach club. With the water toys cleared off the aft deck and central hydraulic platform lowered, the entire stern area becomes a beautiful waterfront retreat, out of the wind and with entertaining in mind. Space for multiple jet skis, sea bobs and tenders — all protected from the weather take just minutes to launch and retrieve. Notably the layout focuses on utilization of the above deck areas for living and entertaining, with majority of cabins below deck.

Discrete crew cabins access, dumbwaiter to serve the formal areas upstairs.

A raised pilothouse with full walk-arounds provides excellent degree views, including a full glass atrium effect for skylight views. Options for elevators and wide hallways support disabled access if required. The Shadow Vessel option provides support needs for motherships and stand-alone adventure cruising. Crewing requirements and operating expenses are minimized through simplicity of layout and design. Utilizing the proven benefits of the catamaran hull, including natural stability, shallow draft, high tunnel clearance, excellent efficiency and the redundancy of having twin engine rooms, each vessel type provides ultimate enjoyment whether it be optioned for private or charter operations.

The Echo Yachts team provides the benefit of decades of multi-hull and aluminium construction experience, combined with the capacity to complete new builds quickly and to high standards. A build time frame of 18 months is projected for these vessels. Larger variants are currently under development.

Echo Yachts will be attending the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show held 30th October — 3rd November and available for sales and trade inquiries. They are cheap, easy to buy and can fulfill some incredible tasks. Drone technology also outpaces the laws governing their use and this creates an uncomfortable scenario.

When you have what is essentially an impressive display of wealth sitting alone in the water, and the mass availability and low barrier to entry for drones, the temptation for others to pry or breach security is a real threat. Paparazzi intrusion using drones approaching superyachts is already a recognised and growing problem.

Skip to the mark to get to the main part. So what has been developed to date as a counter measure against possible drone incursions and how do they work? Consumer drones are usually controlled through the public part of the radio spectrum either 2. Firing radio waves at those specific frequencies—jamming them—makes a drone deaf to its controller, which would cause the drone to return home or settle to the ground. If a drone approaches within a certain distance of a prohibited zone, most of the below systems would jam its WI-Fi and sever its connection to its controller over the 2.

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If the drone keeps coming that would mean it had been programmed to attack or infiltrate, and at that point the system would jam its GPS frequencies. Martek Anti-Drone have developed the M. S is a flexible marinised system with great benefits for the maritime market and can be used for any application related to water; yachts, ships, ports, sea platforms, coastguard vessels, navy vessels and much more. The system comprises of two radomes, one to detect, and one to defeat drones. The BlackSage TD1 handheld tactical disruptor is a lightweight, flexible and rapidly deployable platform for directional radio disruption.

Pick up the rifle, select from multiple disruption frequencies and address the target with confidence. The TD1 can be deployed within seconds and requires minimal training. Compared to mounted and automated anti-drone systems the BS is lightweight, compact, flexible and very affordable. Military grade and rugged for all types of environments, the Drone Guard is a modular turn-key solution that covers all aspects of counter threatening UAS.

Portable, light weight and with low power consumption, the Drone Guard is user friendly and intuitive making it an ideal option for a wide range of users and agencies. The modules were developed by ELTA specifically for Drone Guard hence creating a compact solution solely focused on drone detection and protection. Boeing thinks a great way to defeat a drone is not just to disrupt its motion, but hit it with a precision laser, burn a hole in it, and bring it down.

In the demo, Boeing used the laser to burn holes in a stationary, composite UAV shell, to show how fast it can compromise an aircraft.

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Two seconds at full power and the target was on fire. Stock Torero 21 th November Click here. Our Gallery. Our Programs. Collaborative Programs with various Colleges Click here.

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International capstone program Click here. Current Program Schedule Click here. Certification in Financial Crime Outsmart Fraudsters. Do business.

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This was the biggest help. Other than that I have learnt many different ways in which I can invest. Over all course is really good.